4 Things Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Won't Tell You

4 Things Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Won’t Tell You

If you want to remodel the bathroom and have the project go smoothly then you need to know the right questions to ask your contractor.  The contractor doesn’t know how much you know about home renovations so he may not give you all the information that you need.  Here are 4 things your bathroom remodeling contractor won’t tell you.

What Type of Lighting Should You Use?

As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning you head to the bathroom. It is where you get ready for work in the morning and if you want to look and feel your best then the lighting in there is crucial.  Don’t forget that if you spent all that money on a renovation project then it stands to reason that you want people to see it.  If you’re gutting the bathroom and starting fresh then once all of the fixtures and the drywall is removed you want to bring in your electrician to give you his recommendations.  Talk to him about installing energy saving lights and how the room is going to be arranged so you can make best use of the light.  Go over with him the tiles and what color they are going to be, if you are planning on using darker colors then you will need different lighting. You want to have all of your lights ready when he comes to do the work that way he can do all the wiring and installation at the same time.

The Tile is Going to Cost More Than You Think

If you are planning on putting in travertine or some other natural stone, and why wouldn’t you it looks beautiful, you are going to need more square footage than you think.  If you have a 10 x 10 bathroom add at least 25% more material to ensure proper installation. The cost of tile is probably going to be around 25% of your budget.

Not All Tile Patterns Work In Your Bathroom

If you absolutely love the idea of installing subway tiles or large square tiles then you better make sure it works in your space first.  If the walls are uneven then subway tile looks choppy and pretty awful.  You may want to consider a different pattern or style of tiles.  Big tiles can be difficult to install if you have a smaller bathroom and that will increase your renovation costs.  Super small tiles also take more time to install and that too will drive up the cost of your renovation.

Don’t Use Polished Marble in the Shower Stall

Luxury shower stalls are all the latest rage in interior design, they have built in shelving for toiletries, multiple showerheads and they are built with the finest materials.  That being said, the finest materials can be pretty slippery when wet.  You want to make sure that your tiles are slip resistant and never clean them with bleach or abrasive cleaners.

In any kind of renovation it’s important that you have a good contractor that you can work with and who won’t hesitate to share information on what works and what doesn’t.



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