What You Should Know About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing used to only be used on commercial properties and very high end residential homes but that’s not the case any longer.  Drive through your neighborhood and you’re bound to find a house or two that has replaced their existing roof with metal.  Manufacturing has gotten better and the price of a metal roof has come down dramatically.  If you have to replace your existing roof and you aren’t sure if metal is the way to go, there here is what you should know about metal roofing to help you decide.

Metal Roof is Cost Effective

While the upfront cost of a metal roof may be a bit higher, it becomes cost effective by the fact that you will never have to repair or replace it during your lifetime.  Asphalt shingles, which is the most common roofing material, last 20 under ideal conditions but metal roofs will last between 40 -70 years.

Metal Roofing is Maintenance Free

One of the reasons that metal roofing has become so popular is that it requires little or no work.  Aside from that it is fire retardant, termites can’t eat it, it doesn’t rot or grow mildew.  The surface is smooth and it absorbs heat quickly from the sun, in the winter snow will slide right off fairly quickly unlike conventional roofs.

You Can Put it Over Your Existing Roof

When you replace a roof with shingles you have to rip off the old ones and then replace them with new ones.  Metal roof installation is far less work you can install it directly on top of your old roof.  You do have to be careful that you don’t trap moisture in between the old and new roof.  That issue can be eliminated by installing a vented roof.  Make sure that you have a roofing contractor with extensive experience in metal roofs to ensure proper installation.

Metal Roofs Are More Energy Efficient

During the summer months the metal roof reflects the heat of the sun, that in turn reduces the cost required to cool your home.  If you live in the south or southwest where temperature can hit over 100 on a regular basis then you can coat your metal roof making it even more reflective and saving you money.

A Metal Roof is Not a Tin Roof

It is a common misconception that a metal roof is noisy in bad weather but that is not the case.  If your contractor installs your roof properly then it isn’t any noisier than a shingled roof.  Between the insulation and substrate you have a suitable sound buffer so that you will never notice the weather.

Your Roof Can be Damaged by Hail

For the most part metal roofs will withstand almost any type of weather but it isn’t indestructible.  Large hail stones can and have been known to damage metal roofs.  In order for your roof to suffer damage you need hail that is nearly the size of a golf ball, bear in mind that this type of hail will cause damage to any type of roofing material as well.  If you live in Nebraska or Wyoming where hail can be problematic, be aware of the issue.